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ANC Contacts

  • For inquiries concerning the ANC, information about contributing, etc., contact anc [at]
  • For technical matters and questions or comments regarding the ANC web site please contact suderman [at]
  • All other queries should be directed to anc [at]

Anc-discuss Mailing List

NOTE: The anc-discuss mailing list is currently inactive.

For questions, comments, and discussion concerning the use of the ANC and related data, you may join the anc-discuss mailing list.

To subscribe to the list send an email message to anc-discuss-request [at] with the word “subscribe” (no quotes) in the subject line. You will be sent a confirmation message that you will need to reply to. Just “hit reply” and send; you don’t even have reply from the same email account. Once subscribed, you can send messages to the list at anc-discuss [at]