SILT is committed to involving the widest range of researchers both in the US and around the world in our efforts to achieve interoperability for language technology. The project is also committed to working to ensure communication of the project's activities at every possible opportunity.

If you are a developer of tools or resources for language technology, you can be involved by:
  • Commmunicating with SILT organizers and board members about emerging standards and means to provide for interoperability in the course of your development.

  • Contributing to the SILT/SIGANN wiki.

There are also other ways to become involved in SILT:
  • Attend SILT-sponsored events.

  • Organize sessions, workshops, and other events dedicated to interoperability.

  • Seek SILT sponsorship for relevant events.

  • Involve SILT members in relevant activities, or communicate with SILT about them so that they may be publicized via our site.

  • Contribute to the SILT/SIGANN wiki.

  • Contact the SILT Organizers to see how you can contribute.